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The Link between Athletics and Academics

For any child to achieve their highest potential, you need to address both a child’s
mind and body. The ability for academic learning and higher level cognitive skills
is directly related to a child’s core strength and sensory motor skills development.
We believe for students to achieve their highest cognitive potential, their core
strength and sensory motor foundations must be strong and fully developed.
Here’s how we do it using programs designed by Occupational Therapists and
Professional Athletic Trainers:

  • Champion Schools provides 140 minutes per week of CORE strengthening exercises, bilateral coordination, balance, upper-limb coordination, running speed and agility to ALL students.

120 minutes per week of multiple After School K-3 and Junior Varsity Sports
Activities: Soccer, Kickball, Cheerleading, Basketball and Flag Football. All
students qualify to play.

480 minutes per week of Varsity Competitive Sports: Flag Football, Basketball,
Soccer, Baseball and Cheerleading. Students must qualify to play.

15 minutes per day of specific in-class exercises designed by an Occupational
Therapist to promote fine motor skills development in the classroom

For grades Kindergarten, First and Second, our focus is strengthening fine motor
development including visual skills necessary for academic success.

Third through Eighth graders are provided unique opportunities to challenge
their multi-sensory motor systems and promote advanced motor skills and brain
connections for higher learning.

Currently we are gathering data using multiple assessments including
FitnessGram, Presidential Youth Fitness Program and correlating these scores to
Galileo Academic Assessment Results. We are using this data in a longitudinal
study to map our results.

We would like to participate in university level research that would give us more
information and guidance in developing our program to maximize the benefits of
motor skills development in supporting academic performance.

Champion Schools hires trainers with degrees in PE and Kinesiology, specifically
trained by Athletes Performance (

Student: Trainer ratio is 30:1 for workouts, 15:1 for multiple sports activities and
competitive sports.

Athletics Programs

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Important Announcement: Superintendent Update (06/08/2020)

Dear Champion Schools Families,


I hope this letter finds you and ALL of your loved ones safe and well. We are happy to hear Superintendent Kathy Hoffman and her Task Force are Providing Guidance for Arizona Schools to ReOpen and be able to serve the needs of ALL students for the upcoming School Year 2021.


Mobile Pantry Program : Food Boxes with Fresh Dairy , fruits and Vegetables are available to Pick at each of our Campuses, once per week. Please see attached Flyer.


FREE Virtual Summer Camp Programs are being provided at each of our campuses. SM 21st Century Summer School begins Monday, June 15th. Contact the front office for more information.


FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL YEAR 2020-2021  begins on Monday, July 27th 2020.


We are busy making plans to REOPEN our doors, first to teachers and then to students. We are preparing to give students/families tremendous flexibility in how they attend school. 

We have multiple safeguards in place at our campuses so that students can start the school year attending school in person. These include:



Students who cannot attend school physically, for WHATEVER reason, will be able to participate from home fully using Go Guardian, and Google Meets. They will be able to view Live Streaming and Videos of Instruction

In addition to our health safeguards, we are excited to use these learning platforms that enable students to study from school or home, as needed. Here is a preview:

Champion Schools Classroom 2.0 

Virtual Hybrid-Blended Learning Platform

Currently, under School Closures and the new recommendations provided by the Arizona Department of Education, we have been able to fully implement our educational program as needed  using online resources that include the following:

Go Guardian:

Classroom Management Software:


GOOGLE SUITE: Teachers are trained in using best strategies for integrating Google into your Classroom: Google Classroom, Slides, Documents, Forms, Expeditions (VR), Jamboards, Meets, Sites, Sheets and provide device training for students and parents


WeVideo: Dynamic Mini-Lessons for State Standards as well as Read Alouds, Virtual Field Trips and Book Trailers are created and uploaded on instructional platforms.


Adobe Spark is provided for ALL students to create Virtual Assignments using Templates that include dynamic classroom environments, students are encouraged to think creatively and explore their interests with the goal of achieving high academic standards.


Supplemental Software Programs include: Edulastic, Freckle, Reading A-Z, Khan Academy, No Red Ink,Eureka Math, Empower Math, Grammarly, DoJo, Mind Up, Prodigy, Virtual Intervention, Virtual Special Education Services, Virtual Speech & Language and Occupational Therapy.

Supplemental Educational Programs: We provide several supplemental educational programs that extend and strengthen a student’s academic abilities. These FREE services include:

Best Wishes and Take Care,


Ms. Sawyer MA